Important: Did Putin Depart From His “Wait and See” Strategy?


Something isn’t right. And, whatever is happening, it is very bad news.

If you haven’t already heard, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave the U.S. and the West a stern warning on Tuesday, January 27. If future sanctions end up restricting Russia’s ability to operate via the SWIFT system that is used for international banking transactions, Russia’s response will be “without limits.”

“We’ll watch developments and if such decisions are made, I want to note that our economic reaction and generally any other reaction will be without limits,” Medvedev said.

A Stunning Threat

Threatening an unlimited response is remarkable. In war – and this is a war, by the way – responses are generally expected to be proportionate. Disproportionate responses are obviously frowned upon and, for whatever it’s worth, against international law. As a result, unlimited responses are generally restricted to situations where the threat at hand is viewed as an existential threat.

This is important. If unlimited responses are reserved for existential threats, then this means Russia is saying something very surprising. In particular, if Russia is threatening an unlimited response to a potential SWIFT ban, then they’re suggesting that this ban would be a threat to Russia’s very survival as a country.

Why is this so surprising?

As we all know, the dollar is dying. The U.S., to prop it up, is waging wars everywhere. And currently, Russia is in its cross-hairs. This is why the U.S. has been doing everything in its power – including sanctions, economic warfare, and covert operations in Ukraine – to provoke Putin to make some stupid move so that he can be blamed for the hot phase of World War 3.

How has Putin been responding to these provocations? Wisely. He has been buying gold, dropping the dollar, and patiently waiting for the U.S. to collapse under the weight of its own problems – something bound to happen fairly soon.

This Doesn’t Make Sense

Given Putin’s strategy for handling U.S. provocations, there’s one that wouldn’t make any sense to do. In particular, it makes no sense for Putin or his government to announce that they have a weak spot that will force them to make the stupid move they’ve been actively avoiding.

That would be like announcing that your quarterback has a bum left knee. You’re just begging the opponent to hit it.

But that is precisely what Putin’s government appears to have just done. When Medvedev threatened an unlimited response to a SWIFT ban, he basically told the U.S. that they can get the war they want with a simple sanction. The move appears so stupid that it demands an explanation.

What is Really Going On?

So, what’s really behind this threat? There are at least three possible explanations, and none of them inspire confidence.

  1. One possibility is that Putin realizes that the U.S. has found their weak spot, and they’re coming after it soon. As a result, he had no other option but to make this threat, perhaps hoping that the prospect of nuclear war will stop this from happening.
  2. A second possibility is that Russia has finally screwed up. They’ve had enough, and they’ve departed from their plan. Instead of sitting back and watching the West escalate the war in the Ukraine, impose additional sanctions, etc., they’ve drawn a line in the sand – a line, no doubt, they know the West will cross.
  3. A third possibility is that Russia is actually in on the conspiracy, and Medvedev’s threat is all part of the show. This is just an international version of the battle between ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats’ – a big theatrical production designed to make people believe something that isn’t true. In this case, they want us to believe that sovereign countries and the lack of a global government are the reason World War 3 will happen. Once the war is over, the bankers who control both sides plan to step in and establish their New World Order – a global, fascist government.

The bad news, here, is that a hot, global war appears inevitable. The chance that Russia can sit back and win the war by letting the U.S. collapse on its own is now near zero. If the U.S. is provoking them because they want a hot war, Russia has told them how to get it – include a SWIFT ban in a future round of sanctions. And if this is all a show, then we know what both sides are eventually working towards: global war that serves the bankers’ interests. So, there isn’t a “good guy” to support because he is opposing the New World Order. They’re just all working together to make this diabolical world order a reality.

What do I think? I don’t know precisely what’s happening. It is possible that Putin really is a thorn in the side of the NWO. If that’s the case, then it appears he plans to hit the West first and hard – possibly even with an “unlimited response” to an economic sanction. On the other hand, as the video above shows, we know that Obama, Medvedev and Putin have had some secret plans for a while. So it is also possible that this is all a grand conspiracy with an inevitable war at the end.

What should you do? Prepare for the war. There are a lot of variables that are out of my control. So, aside from turning to Christ, anything we do at this point has risks. But I suggest moving to the southern hemisphere, gaining survival knowledge, and protecting your wealth by buying responsible quantities of physical gold and silver. If you haven’t already received a free consultation with a gold investment consultant, please fill out the form in the right sidebar and you’ll receive a call from an expert who can help you learn more. (You’ll also get the best gold investment guide available at no cost.)

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15 thoughts on “Important: Did Putin Depart From His “Wait and See” Strategy?” 15 thoughts on “Important: Did Putin Depart From His “Wait and See” Strategy?”

  1. what a good heads up regarding the Swift issue. Like yourself, I don’t know precisely what is going on, whether this is one big chess game or a totally orchestrated event, with both sides working together. I’ve kind of leaned toward Putin being fully aware of the controllers NWO. He calls it “their NWO”. But such people have so fully gamed events that they practically will assure the outcome. They will create the options open to Putin and push him one way or another. The end result is the same regardless.
    The southern hemisphere is now out of our reach but at least we are well out of any city. Even out here we have still managed to find ourselves now under what I believe is demon attack. They want my wife.

  2. There is neither screw up nor accident here. Putin knows the US has no stomach for more wars, knows our military strength is a rise, and he is challenging us to do something about it. The US won’t, not whole heartedly anyway.

    Russia has nuc subs on our seacoast. And North Korea is ready to launch against us as is China and Iran. Putin puts the call out, America is praised, and Russians allies do the dirty work while Russia moves ts forces towards Jerusalem, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

    It is an open secret, and except for a few, Almighty God wild supernaturally come to Israels defense. The clock ticks.

  3. I think a fourth possibility exists: Putin intends to drop the dollar and when the dollar system finally implodes and western economies plunge into chaos – this move allows him to deflect blame back to the USA. In effect, Russia is saying: “You are excluding Russia from the dollar system of trade – which forced us to establish a new one – if your own system collapses because other nations start using a new a better system – you brought it on yourselves.” I suspect the collapse of western economies is inevitable and cannot be delayed much longer than another 6-10 months. What I expect after that is horrific. Read Antichrist 2016-2019 –

    1. I agree. I think this is just a head fake. All the scenarios have already been thought out. Unless,of course, this is a giant scam on us all by the PTB, and they’re all in this together.
      But surely something has to give. And soon i would think.

  4. I think that Putin is smarter then getting drawn into a war that no one will win but the bankers. The Russians have been working on their own system that would replace the swift system anyway. So I don’t think that it’s going to impact them as much a Obama (cabal) thinks, second of all if they dump there dollars it will ultimately kill the fed anyway. Not to mention that the Russian Federation is in bed with the Chinese. I think they would bail the Russians out. It’s in there interest considering that they get most of there oil from them.
    Obama would shoot himself in the foot by putting a swift sanction on Russia. The survival the BRICKS alliance is contingent on all the main countries being viable. If China and Russia dump the green backs you can forget the dollar being the world reserve currency. The banking cabal is fighting tooth and nail for a war! They will not get it.

  5. Although the fourth option is the closest, the situation is not as it appears to be, as things never are. The US nation is not the enemy of Russia, and Russia will not attack US soil, but the EU/European globalist who are playing chess with both countries. The Anglo Saxon world, primarily the white english speaking peoples,will collapse as we see happening, and come under the dominance and occupation(of what is left after the collapse and implosion and total destruction occurs, read Ezekiel 6 and 7, as modern Israel is the predominantly the white english speaking peoples, Ephraim and Manasseh, not the nation of Judah today in Palestine, though they to will be devastated by the same Beast) of these western European globalist (they control NATO,including the Pentagon). Russia and its hordes will then attack and destroy the homeland of this Beast/resurrected Roman Empire(7th and last resurrection/end time Babylon centered around Germany. The main forces of the beast will be in the ME creating havoc and destruction and be the end time desolation of Jerusalem also. The Beast becomes furious and mobilizes its armies and destroys anything in its path, to meet the armies of the Hordes coming from the East and the north at Mediggo for the ultimate battle, for what is left of the world, many religious people call the battle of Armageddon, which doesn’t really happen, as Christ returns to stop the madness as no flesh would be left alive. The returning Christ with His church and angels set foot on the mount of Olives which splits in two and forms a valley before it. The two factions see these event and all come down to meet the new so called invader and gather before the mount in the valley of Jehoshaphat (valley of judgment) where the Christ will pass judgment and totally destroy all the armies of the nations gathered against Him. This is the outline of it all, Its all in scripture if you put it together people; in Ezek 6 & 7, Dan 11;40 onwards, Zech 12 & 14, Matth 24, Luke 21, Joel 3, Amos 5,6 & 9, Rev 14:18-20, 16: 13-16, 19:19-21.

    To correctly understand prophesy and last day events you have to know who the main nations are otherwise you will be WRONG in your analysis of events as you come into the tail end of the movie and have no idea of what led up to that point. The Beast is centered in western Europe, Gog and Magog run from Russia(Medes) down to Iran(Persia, Basically Euroasia), modern Israel is the white english speaking peoples composed predominantly of Ephraim(Britain and its colonies) and Manasseh(the US), the rest of the tribes are the Scandinavian countries, and Judah is present Judah(they kept their identity because they kept the Sabbath).
    Also, the first Beast of Rev 13 depicts the Roman Empire from the time of Christ until the mortal wound in AD485 to AD554 when the Emperor Justinian of the Eastern Roman Empire headquartered in Constantinople, defeated the Barbarians under the behest of the Pope at Rome and ousted them from Rome and disappeared, reviving the Beast, who then rules continuously in Europe under 5 different dynasties for 1260 years until Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo in AD1814. A brief but weak resurrection of the Beast occurred with Mussolini which was the sixth, and now comes the last seventh resurrection of the Beast(the militaristic side of it). The second beast of Rev 13 is of course the false prophet/man of sin/head of mystery Babylon the harlot, which began to infiltrate the new testament church by Simon the sorcerer after the Apostle Peter chastised him. Eventually the true members(true church) had to flee and go into obscurity for 1260 years, Rev 12: 6, due to persecution and domination by these false pagan so-called christian member converts. Simone’s successors eventually became known as the Pope, and he rode the Beast, Rev 17, from 554AD onwards. The image of the Beast is the governmental structure of the BEAST that the false church took on and instituted within the false church, eg, vatican city state is the image of the beast, and the harlot is the church side of it.
    In the last days Babylon is three things: The beast power(military/political), the Beast church(Mystery Babylon the great harlot, and the beast economic/financial system. Unless one understands these things one will be lost in time and events. Hope this helps you reader.

    1. There are several interesting things in your analysis. I agree with historicist eschatology. I think you’re a bit off-track on the timing of the 1260-year period of the Antichrist (and a few other things). The best contemporary book on the topic, in my opinion, is here: Approaching Armageddon: Disaster, War and Persecution, by Daniel J. Davidson. The book argues that the 1260 years will very likely come to a close with Armageddon in 2016. (The book was published in 2011.) This is because the 1260 years began when Daniel’s ‘little horn’ plucked up three horns in A.D. 756, when the papacy acquired its first three papal states.

      1. You can disagree, its your right, but I take my sources from the scriptures and not man’s ideas. The mortal wound was on the Beast power, the first beast of Rev 13, not the second beast with the two horns which is the false church preaching a false christ which is the same as little horn of Dan7:8, 24-26, and the harlot on the Beast in Rev 17, which never received a mortal wound, ie there wasn’t a time it did not exist since it came into existence and it was not a military power at all! That was the first Beast.

        The first beast of Rev 13 with the 10 horns is the same as the fourth beast in Dan 7:7 with 10 horns which had all the characteristics of the first three beast of Dan 7 plus its own(thus the imagery of the Beast in Rev 13), the 10 horns been 10 kingdoms that would arise from the original beast Dan 7:24; this is the roman empire that came into full power around 31BC after it swallowed up the last vestiges of the Greek empire. It received a mortal would in approx 485AD as mentioned above. When it received the mortal wound, which was given when the barbarians came from the south and sacked Rome, three dynasties ruled from 485AD to 554AD which were the Ostrogoths, Vandals and Herulie. These first three kingdoms were plucked up from the roots and disappeared when at the behest of the Pope at Rome/the little horn, the Emperor Justinian of the eastern empire defeated them and restored the empire in the west, and seven(7) more kingdoms(Dynasties within the realm of the empire) were then to arise, 6 have risen and one is left(total 10), who acknowledged the supremessy of the Pope. This phase of the Beast powers existence is found in Rev 17 with the seven(7) heads and 10 horns(10 kingdoms who will give their authority and power to the last Beast in the last days). During this phase the harlot/little horn/man of sin/second beast in rev13 with two horns rides the Beast power, ie strongly influences it and more. Note!! there is no such thing as an antichrist personage or figure, the first beast is not and either is the second beast, its a fallacy and totally non scriptural. The scriptures do not teach this concept, but the spirit of the antichrist which came into the early church, ie, the “belief” that Jesus did not come as flesh and blood, or in the flesh so to speak, and that He wasn’t an actual flesh and blood man, but pretended to be, ie incarnate (spirit in the flesh), which means he did not really die etc. Hope this clarifies it for you; look to the scriptures and not to men if you want the truth, asking God to reveal it if He is calling you.

        1. I don’t think you understand that I appreciated much of your view, and that I agree that our eschatological and theological views must come from Scripture. So it is a bit silly to say, “I take my sources from scriptures and not man’s ideas,” when you’re objecting to my suggestion to read a book. The book I recommended is itself an explanation of Scripture. And its author agrees that there are two beasts in Revelation 13, a civil beast (the first beast) and an ecclesiastical beast (the second beast). So, if it is somehow unprofitable to read a book written by a man about the Bible, why should I learn about the Bible from your writing? You’re permitted to explain the Bible in writing, but other authors aren’t? Don’t be absurd.

          That said, the “Antichrist” isn’t a single person, but the word has historically been used to refer to the “man of sin, son of perdition” Paul mentions in 2 Thes. 2. It is the same in identity as the little horn, and it is the head of the second beast — which is otherwise referred to as “the false prophet” and “the whore of Babylon,” the Roman church. So, if you want to worry about what words are used to refer to it, as though a word matters more than the substance of the theological commitments, I’m fine with skipping the “Antichrist” label. It really doesn’t matter as long as the identity of Biblical characters are understood properly. And, yes, I fully realize that the word ‘antichrist’ is used differently in 1 John. In fact, that topic is also taken up directly in the book that I mentioned above, and the author (Davidson) makes the same observation that the word is used in different ways through church history.

          And, yes, the ten-horned beast is the divided/collapsed Roman Empire. The problem with your view is that the little horn is a horn that plucks up 3 other horns. And the horns are temporal kingdoms or political states that have come to replace the divided/collapsed Roman Empire. Since the Pope didn’t have a papal state — i.e., didn’t have a kingdom — until 756, you can’t say the little horn existed before 756. It didn’t. So it is impossible that the 1260 years began when you claim it did. That said, some think the 1260 years didn’t begin until a little after 756, most frequently in 800 (when the pope crowned Charlemagne — which these interpreters believe is the first time the second best “gave power” to the first beast). I suspect that is wrong, but it is a real possibility. (I once held the view, and I could be persuaded to hold it again, I think.)

          Listen, I know what it is like to hold to views like this. It is easy to assume everyone holds to radically different views because so many contemporary Christians do, in fact, get almost everything wrong in their eschatology. Try to remember to be charitable, however, in your interpretation of the motives and commitments that other people hold to. Who knows? You may even find it edifying to discuss the nuances or difficult passages with me, and I may benefit from discussing them with you.


          1. Thank you for your comments John, but its obvious we are miles apart and the chasm between us is great in our view of the world and scripture and prophesy. There are literally thousands if not millions of books about the Bible and its contents, with almost as many views and ideas and beliefs etc. so, who do you believe, whose views to you uphold, whose mind do you allow to influence your mind about the world around you and the Holy scriptures which are inspired by God Himself, and mostly for His people. Men are not inspired by God in general except those whom He calls for a purpose. The world is confused and deceived as is evidenced just by simple observation. There is no unity or harmony anywhere, no agreement about values, morals, righteousness, good, bad and evil as abominations are out in the open. Satan has seen to that, and the scriptures tell us so. So tell me friend, who do I believe, who should I believe? The man with whom you may or may not agree with? The only TRUTH lies in the scriptures, the only one who can be trusted is God himself, everything else comes from man’s heart and ideas of thought and perceptions through their eyes and discernment through their own mind. Every man seems to want to influence how others think and believe and shape their world into theirs. So tell me, whom do I trust (yet the inspired scriptures tell me to trust no man but GOD). I have lived God’s way since my early 20s, obeying His laws and commandments and HIS Sabbath, prier to that I was wayward, until God opened my eyes to His WORD, and they speak clearly to me as apposed to mans babbling. I speak my understanding as truth because I believe to be truth, I make no apologies for that, as it comes only from scripture and to me they are clear on many issues. Once one places a date, contrary to scriptural teaching on this point, he is automatically wrong, as history has repeatedly shown. Am I always right on every point? By no means when it comes to my opinion! Yes, we can know as Christ said about the signs of the time, and I believe we are in the last days of Human rule under Satan, hopefully we agree on that. Inspired prophesy in the scriptures are mostly for our time, as approx one third of the Bible is prophesy and approx 90% of that is for the last days, if you truly understand the WORD. So again I ask you, who shall I allow to influence my understanding and believe and faith in GOD and His WORD? I prefer GOD and not men who are but a breath or a heart beat away from death, and then comes a new teacher/philosopher/seer wise man etc to impart his world on those around him. To use words like silly and absurd to once belief and understanding is not a respectful thing to do to your elders, as each man has a right to his or her beliefs as we are all free agents in these things and I respect that as we all have to follow a path to some destined goal. But I look forward to the time when we are all truly brothers and sisters and united in Christ. Take care my friend, I wish you well with God’s blessing.

          2. You should only submit to God speaking in his word, of course. But I never asked you to submit to anybody’s book as though they had authority over you. I was suggesting it as reading because the author does — I believe — a faithful job explaining the Scripture. If you’re unwilling to read the book because you’re not up for it, that’s your call. I can’t tell you what to do.

            And as for respecting elders: I try to be reasonably respectful when interacting with people online. But I’m also willing to disagree with people. That said, if ‘silly’ and ‘absurd’ are disrespectful ways to disagree with someone, then disagreeing will be hard to do respectfully because those are pretty weak words by contemporary standards. So, I think my response above was sufficiently respectful no matter what your age is. I’m sorry if you feel otherwise.

            Besides, you don’t know my age, either. I may be your elder.

            Take care.

  6. I have read some of the comments and there is some truth in all of them. I am optimistic that WW3 is still far off even though it may look imminent. The creator has power to prevent WW3, but it will not be indefinitely – the time will come when it will happen and when it does I believe that besides all else two things will happen:
    1) Nukes (several)will be fired from submarines on the east coast of USA into USA.
    2) Europe will be overun/defeated by Russia from the south and by from the north by coutries at the top of Africa.

  7. I think you all are wrong but well meaning. Why is Obama provoking both Russia AN China in an all-out war with them, while is his rapidly reducing our conventional and nuclear Forces down to pre-world war 2 Levels? Makes no sense to me, a Gulf War Veteran. Our conventional Forces and troop strength is being greatly reduce by this Muslim Communist President and the nuclear weapons are no being upgraded and are deliberately being allowed to dilapidate. Russia has immense and far superior nuclear Missiles (Topol for one) and defensive conventional Missiles (S-400 and now S-500) and new fighter jets and nuclear submarines that make our look obsolete. While we were spending trillions of Money fighting 3rd world countries Russia has modernize its Military. They do not want war but they see a declining, supremely aggressive Country starting wars all over the world (USA) in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.) and conducted massive financial attacks recently on their ruble, oil Prices and before the rape of Russia with Yeltsin, they needed to arm themselves. I can only conclude Obama is a traitor and working for shadowy figures (Communist, Zionist and Saudi Arabia) to destroy the USA, the Country he grew up with and hated by him, his father and step farther. He is deliberately provoking an attack on the USA by Russia and China, while simultaneously sacking Key strategic Generals from our Nuclear Force Command.

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