WW3 Alert: Propaganda, Provocation, and a New Target

It has been reported that the Obama regime is sanctioning North Korea for the Sony cyberattack that experts agree wasn’t done by North Korea. This is a brazen provocation by the U.S. And, almost hilariously, the supposed North Korean connections are with the countries that will be U.S. enemies in the big war. Take a look at this quotation from an ABC News article:

The Obama administration has identified more than a dozen targets of the sanctions – 3 North Korean agencies and 10 individuals – including the country’s primary intelligence agency that the administration believes runs their “major cyber operations.” Notably, several of the individuals are identified as working in Russia, China, Syria and Namibia, making them potentially difficult to hit.

Oh, dear, it looks like Russia, China, and Syria are all in on this. Apparently Namibia must have some natural resources, too. Otherwise a mystery North Korean cyber-warrior wouldn’t be working there.

Hmm. What does the CIA World Factbook have to say about their resources?

Natural resources: diamonds, copper, uranium, gold, silver, lead, tin, lithium, cadmium, tungsten, zinc, salt, hydropower, fish
note: suspected deposits of oil, coal, and iron ore

Sure enough.

Chalk this up to more provocations and propaganda, folks. At some point, they’ll get the all-out war they’ve been pushing for.

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